Management Committee

The Management Committee (MC) consists of up to two representatives from each participating COST country and one representative from non-COST Institutions.

Email list

COST Participants

Country MC Member
Italy (Chair) Vincenzo PUNZO
Israel (Vice-chair) Tomer TOLEDO
Belgium (MC Member) Prof. Tom BELLEMANS
Finland (MC Member) Dr Iisakki KOSONEN
France (MC Member) Dr Christine BUISSON
France (MC Member) Dr Jean-Michel AUBERLET
France (MC Substitute Member) Prof. Ludovic LECLERCQ
France (MC Substitute Member) Mr Maurice ARON
Germany (MC Member) Dr Peter WAGNER
Germany (MC Member) Dr Peter VORTISCH
Germany (MC Substitute Member) Mr Olaf CZOGALLA
Greece (MC Member) Prof. Constantinos ANTONIOU
Greece (MC Member) Prof. Markos PAPAGEORGIOU
Greece (MC Substitute Member) Mr Rodrigo CASTELAN CARLSON
Ireland (MC Member) Dr Bidisha GHOSH
Ireland (MC Member) Dr Martin ROGERS
Israel (MC Member) Dr Tomer TOLEDO
Italy (MC Member) Dr Vincenzo PUNZO
Italy (MC Member) Prof. Giulio Erberto CANTARELLA
Italy (MC Substitute Member) Dr Vittorio MARZANO
Latvia (MC Member) Dr Irina JACKIVA
Netherlands (MC Member) Prof. Serge HOOGENDOORN
Netherlands (MC Substitute Member) Dr Winnie DAAMEN
Poland (MC Member) Mr Michal KARKOWSKI (Pending)
Portugal (MC Member) Mr Carlos LIMA AZEVEDO
Portugal (MC Member) Prof. Jose Manuel VIEGAS (Pending)
Spain (MC Member) Dr Jaume BARCELO BUGEDA
Spain (MC Substitute Member) Dr Jordi CASAS VILARO
Sweden (MC Member) Dr Haneen FARAH
Sweden (MC Member) Prof. Haris KOUTSOPOULOS (Pending)
Switzerland (MC Member) Dr Gunnar FLOETTEROED
Switzerland (MC Substitute Member) Prof. Michel BIERLAIRE
United Kingdom (MC Member) Dr Mark BRACKSTONE
United Kingdom (MC Member) Dr Ronghui LIU
United Kingdom (MC Substitute Member) Prof. Benjamin HEYDECKER
United Kingdom (MC Substitute Member) Dr Geoff HYMAN (Pending)
Turkey (MC Member) Dr Hilmi Berk CELIKOGLU

Non-COST Participants

Institution MC Member
European Commission - Joint Research Centre - (Italy) Dr Biagio CIUFFO
Institute for Environment and Sustainability- Joint Research Centre - (Italy) Adolfo PERUJO