How to get to Naples

You can easily reach Naples by air, rail or by road. The international airport Capodichino has flights to and from most of the European countries; fast trains and a good motorway system connect Naples to Rome and to many other Italian cities. The links below will help you chose the best and most comfortable way to reach your place in Naples.


A regular bus service as well as taxis are available both at the airport and at the main train stations.

With regards to the taxi service, please note that in alternative to ordinary meter rates, you can ask the driver for the (all-inclusive) special fixed rates that can be found here. For example, for a ride from the airport to the location of the conference hotels - called "Alberghi Lungomare" or "Lungomare Alberghi" - the fixed rate is 23 Euros (look at the right hand side of the table).

For more information on the taxi services see please here.