STSMs: short term scientific missions


To apply for a STSM under MULTITUDE - Cost Action TU0903, please fill the form here.


Completed STSMs


  • Dr. Victor Knoop: from TU Delft (NL) to Bristol University (UK) - April 2010

"Lane changes: causes, frequencies and consequences" - Scientific Report


  • Dr. Gunnar Flötteröt: from EPFL Lausanne (CH) to Univerisy of Leeds (UK) - July 2010

"Disaggregate path flow estimation in an iterated DTA microsimulation" - Scientific Report


  • Dr. Jonathan Ward: from UL University of Limerick (UK) to Univerisy of Leeds (UK) - November 2010

"Generalised dynamics in traffic simulation packages" - Scientific Report


  • Dr. Yufei Yuan: from TU Delft (NL) to University of Southampton (UK) - May-July 2011

"Correlation between 1-minute-data and individual vehicle data" - Scientific Report


  • Dr. Mari Paz Linares: from Univeristat de Barcelona (ES) to KTH Royal Institute of Technology (S) - April-June 2011

"Dynamic OD matrix estimation" - Scientific Report


  • Dr. Winnie Daamen: from TU Delft (NL) to ENTPE (F) - November-December 2011

"Calibration state-of-the-art and investigating merging behaviour" - Scientific Report


  • Dr. Tamara Djukic: from TU Delft (NL) to KTH Royal Institute of Technology (S) - February-April 2012

"OD matrix estimation and prediction based on principal component analysis" - Scientific Report


  • Dr. Marcello Montanino: from University of Naples (I) to University of Southampton (UK) - September 2012

"Linking microscopic traffic flow models to reality: parameters pdfs and macroscopic traffic features" - Scientific Report


  • Dr. Biagio Ciuffo: from EC - Joint Research Centre (I) to TSS-Transport Simulation Systems (ES) - October 2012

"Meta-modelling-based approach for the global sensitivity analysis of traffic simulation models" - Scientific Report to be produced