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Lecturers (alphabetical order):

Constantinos Antoniou (TUM)

Jordi Casas (TSS)

Biagio Ciuffo (EC-JRC)

Winnie Daamen (TUDelft)

Nikolas Geroliminis (EPFL)

Ludovic Leclercq (IFSTTAR - Univ. Lyon)

Vittorio marzano (UniNA)

Marcello Montanino (UniNA)

Vincenzo Punzo (UniNA)


Day 1


9:00 Welcome and introduction

09:10 Simulation fundamentals

Vincenzo Punzo (UniNA)

10:00 Microscopic traffic simulation

Constantinos Antoniou (TUM)

10:50 Coffee break

11:20 Mesoscopic traffic simulation

Constantinos Antoniou (TUM)

12:10 Uncertainty in traffic simulation

Biagio Ciuffo (European Commission JRC)

13:00 Lunch

14:00 Demand calibration and integrated supply-

demand calibration with aggregate data

Constantinos Antoniou (TUM)

14:50 Supply calibration and validation on microscopic data

Vincenzo Punzo (UniNA)

15:40 Coffee break

16:10 Network level traffic simulation

Ludovic Leclercq (IFSTTAR - Univ. Lyon )


Day 2


9:00 Applications of simulation in large-scale projects.

Jordi Casas (TSS)


9:50 Advanced simulation for new mobility services

Jordi Casas (TSS)

10:40 Coffee break

11:10 Mentoring session I: groups brainstorming

12:00 Mentoring session II: presentation of problems and panel discussion

13:00 Lunch

14:00 Pedestrian simulation

Winnie Daamen (TU Delft)

15:20 Network level traffic control applications

Nikolas Geroliminis (EPFL)

16:10 Coffee break

16:40 Embedding sensing data in logistics micro- simulation

Vittorio Marzano (UniNA)


Panellists: Constantinos Antoniou (TUM), Jordi Casas (TSS), Winnie Daamen (TU Delft),

Nikolas Geroliminis (EPFL), Ludovic Leclercq (IFSTTAR- Univ. Lyon), Vittorio Marzano (UniNA),

Marcello Montanino (UniNA), Vincenzo Punzo (UniNA).



Day 3


9:00 Mobility as a service: data and technologies

Marcello Montanino (UniNA)

10:00 Practicum, Part 1.

Uncertainty analysis of micro-simulation outputs: design of experiment, scripting, and simulations in Aimsun

11:30 Coffee break

12.00 Practicum, Part 2.

Simulations result presentation, uncertainty quantification and sensitivity analysis with graphical methods

13:30 End of the School

Practicum facilitators: Marcello Montanino (UniNA), Vincenzo Punzo (UniNA).


End of the School